Do you offer quantity discounts?


For our commercially die-cut cards, we offer a 10% discount for packages of 10 of the same card. The discount is applied automatically when you select "Package of 10" in the Packaging drop-down for each item.

We may be able to provide an extra discount for orders of 100+ cards.

We do not currently offer quantity discounts on our hand-made pieces. If you are interested in a large quantity of any of those designs, we are sometimes able to make special arrangements with the artists.

Please Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Is custom imprinting available?


Standard custom imprinting must be done before cutting and folding for pop-up cards. So, a custom production run is required. That generally becomes economical around 600+ cards.

Be aware that the lead time for custom imprinting is 4-6 weeks for most of the year. As the winter holidays approach, however, lead time for production facilities increases to as long as three months. We recommend that you begin working with us on custom holiday card order in August for the following December.

In some cases, it is possible to custom imprint smaller quantities of pre-cut cards using non-standard techniques. Cards can sometimes be run through inkjet printers or, marked with custom screens or stamps using special pigment inks.  While we do not offer this as a standard service, we are happy to make recommendations and, assist where possible.

Please Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Can you create a custom design?


Custom origamic architecture designs can vary tremendously in complexity, taking anywhere from a few hours to weeks to create. So, design costs are similarly variable.

Please Contact Us to discuss your project.

Can you send me a free sample card?

We receive a large number of requests for free samples of our origamic architecture cards. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate those requests.

If you would like to try making your own origamic architecture pop-up card, we run a community site with links to many resources.

When will my order ship?

Most orders for in-stock items ship the same or the next business day!

When will an out of stock item be available again?

It is difficult for us to predict when out-of-stock items will be available again. Many of our pieces are handmade by our artists and, our stock is subject to their availability to make new pieces.

For our commercially-produced cards, we have new stock arriving regularly. However, these cards are produced in large, scheduled runs.  So, additional stock is sometimes not available immediately.

If you need 40 or more of a given design, we can usually make special arrangements to get additional stock immediately.

Contact Us for assistance.

Do you accept returns / exchanges?

We have a separate page outlining our Refunds and Returns Policy.

The short answer is: yes, we will provide refunds timely returns in good condition.

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