New Look!

The Pop Up Card Shop has a new look! This new design should be a little faster and, we hope, a bit easier to use.

Sales and Shipping to the UK

Due to changes associated with the separation of the UK from the EU (“Brexit”), as of the start of 2021, the collection and filing requirements for VAT have become odious. Small sellers in other countries (we are in the USA) are now required to collect 20% VAT and file fairly extensive paperwork at additional cost. Like most small US sellers, we will have to cease service to the UK at this time. Please accept our sincere apologies for not being able to accommodate these orders. We look forward to serving you again when the UK is able to remedy this untenable situation.

The End of an Era – Cards by Professor Chatani Discontinued

Neo-Modern by Masahiro Chatani

Sad news origamic architecture enthusiasts: production has ended for commercial die-cut designs from Masahiro Chatani and Aya Chatani. Aging tooling will not be replaced due to falling demand.

We do have stock remaining of all 22 designs most recently in production and, will continue to fill orders while it lasts. If there are holes in your collection, now is the time to fill them!

Note that this does not include Professor Kihara’s Stardust card, which we expect to remain in production for the foreseeable future.