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Popup Card News and Notes

Flower Crest Pop Up Card


Celebrate the last hurrah of summer with this abstract flower twisted-crest pop up card by Andrew Crawford! We have a limited quantity of these little cards available. Grab one while you can!

Stardust Back in Stock!

New Items

We have more of Mr. Kihara’s popular Stardust cards fresh from the factory in Japan here and ready to ship. Get `em while they’re hot!

Sales and Shipping to the UK

News and Announcements

Due to changes associated with the separation of the UK from the EU (“Brexit”), as of the start of 2021, the collection and filing requirements for VAT have become odious. Small sellers in other countries (we are in…

Cathedral Cards

New Items

We found four more of the discontinued Masahiro Chatani Cathedral cards. Grab them while you can!

New Stock of Masahiro Chatani Cards

New Items

Good news! We obtained additional stock of some of the discontinued cards by Professor Chatani. We now have a few of the Wedding Cake cards that were completely gone and, a handful more of several designs that were…

Sydney Opera House & Swan from Takaaki Kihara

New Items

Well-known origamic architect Mr. Takaaki Kihara recently started producing two more of his designs as exquisitely-crafted die-cuts: his Swan and, the often-requested Sydney Opera House. We are very excited that we are now able to offer both of…

The End of an Era – Cards by Professor Chatani Discontinued

News and Announcements

Sad news origamic architecture enthusiasts: production has ended for commercial die-cut designs from Masahiro Chatani and Aya Chatani. Aging tooling will not be replaced due to falling demand. We do have stock remaining of all 22 designs most…

Casablanca is Back!

New Items

The elegant Casablanca cards are back in stock! They are here and, ready to ship out today!

Cathedral Card Back in Stock!

New Items

Good news origamic architecture lovers!  There has been a new production run and, our popular Cathedral Pop Up Card is back in stock at last.  We have them on-hand, ready to ship out today.

Rigid Mailers Now Available

New Items

We use some fantastic white extra-rigid mailers to ship most of our smaller orders.  They do a great job of protecting cards from unwanted bending and folding in transit.  We have had some requests for extra mailers from…