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Empire State Building Pop Up Card


A pop up card of this world-famous New York landmark makes a wonderful souvenir or gift card for a birthday or any occasion.

Artist’s description:

Through the front entrance inside one of the Seven Wonders of the world. Arriving at the observation deck only after borrowing the strength of two elevators. Then, enjoying a commanding view of the New York City skyline.

Once used as the in-the-sky arriving platform for the wealthy who rode the German Zeppelin. However, it was simultaneously so vacant of tenants that it was nicknamed the “Empty Building” by the locals.

I visited again in 2001, only to find most shops with sutters closed. Does it still reign with the feeling of “Empire,” this world-famous architecture? Still full of dreams of the New World.

Commercially-produced die-cut origamic architecture pop up card and envelope.

Cards measure 16cm by 11cm (about 6 1/4 inches by 4 5/16 inches) when closed.

Design by Masahiro Chatani.

Weight.04 lbs
Dimensions6.25 × 4.3125 × .2 in

Single Card, Package of 10


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