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Taj Mahal


Master origamic architect Masahiro Chatani‘s take on this world-famous landmark makes a perfect pop-up gift card for any occasion.

Artist’s description:

Shah Jahan was one of the Emperors of the Mogul Dynasty, the last dynasty in India. He lived happily with the beautiful Empress, Mumtaz Mahall. It is said that the moon lost its light and the stars their radiance in the presence of this marvelous Empress.

However, she passed away after giving birth to her 14th child. Being grieved at her death and wanting to express his everlasting love for her, the Emperor built a great mausoleum in Agra. It took 22 years to complete. This symbol of love was the Taj Mahal.

Commercially-produced die-cut origamic architecture pop-up card and envelope.

Cards measure 16cm by 11cm (about 6 1/4 inches by 4 5/16 inches) when closed.

Design by Masahiro Chatani.

Weight.04 lbs
Dimensions6.25 × 4.3125 × .2 in

Single Card, Package of 10


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