Ingrid Siliakus: Paper Architect

Ingrid Siliakus is one of the best-known paper artists working in the origami architecture style. She became enamored with the designs of Masahiro Chatani in the 1980s and, went on to develop her own distinctive spin on the form. Her inspirations include some of the most creative architects, especially Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi and Dutch architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage and, the works of M. C. Escher.

Ms. Siliakus has been featured in publications and exhibitions too numerous to list here. For a full exploration, visit her site: Ingrid Siliakus: Paper Architect.

We are pleased to be able to offer a collection of some of Ingrid Siliakus’ wonderful designs, handmade by the artist herself. We also offer her pattern book, Origamic Architecture: From Building to Card, for the DIY-minded enthusiast.

Note: Ingrid Siliakus is no longer making new pieces. What we have in stock is what there is.

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