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Ponte di Rialto


An instantly-recognizable scene from the canals of Venice, romantic heart of the world, unfolds when you open this pop-up card – perfect for your Valentine.

Artist’s description:

At the height of the Renaissance, Venice found itself as a flourishing independent republic in the then Italian city state. In more modern times, Venice has come to be known as the “City of Canals” and it is a sightseeing capital. In the early morning or evening, as gondolas gently sway back and forth while moving along the canals, gazing upon this scenery evokes a surreal and romantic mood.

Commercially-produced die-cut origamic architecture pop-up card and envelope.

Cards measure 16cm by 11cm (about 6 1/4 inches by 4 5/16 inches) when closed.

Design by Masahiro Chatani.

Weight.04 lbs
Dimensions6.25 × 4.3125 × .2 in

Single Card, Package of 10


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