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Rigid Mailer


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Extra-rigid fiberboard mailers with self-adhesive closure strip to protect your pop up art cards in shipping and storage. Available in two sizes.

    If you order a couple of cards, we usually ship them in one of these mailers (though, this is not guaranteed). They are solid and well-tested for world-wide mailing. If you plan to mail one of our art cards to someone or, just want to keep them in good condition, we recommend one of these mailers.

    Note: We ship all of our orders in appropriate protective packaging. These are additional, unused mailers intended for when you want to re-mail a card to someone else or, for keeping them safe in your collection.

    The small size is 6 inches by 8 inches (6″ by 8″) or, about 15 CM by 20 CM.

    The large size is 9.75 inches by 12.5 inches (9.75″ by 12.5″) or, about 24 CM by 31 CM.

    Please be aware of the size of the card for which you are ordering a mailer.


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